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Dear visitor! Would you like to visit Latvia? Or you may have plans to expand your market by seeking new customers in countries of swift economic growth and you have plans to invest in Latvia, the promising country of the European Union? Surely, you are aware of the risks associated with trying to enter an unknown market. Often, the biggest stumbling block is a lack of clear communication with potential partners. Sometimes it seems you just can't get the message across in spite of the fact that English is accepted as an international business language. Your worries will disappear if your business documents are translated into the native language of your business partners.

If you want to sell your products or provide services in Latvia, you not only need precise and exact translations of your advertisements, manuals and other information but you also need to express them in a language that is appropriate to local culture, traditions and tastes. Only an expert translator is capable of reproducing every nuance essential for your business.

To fulfill these needs I have created Latvian for You. My name is Kaspars Melkis and I am a Latvian translator. My native tongue is Latvian and Latvia is a country of my birth, childhood, education and youth, but I also speak English, Spanish, Russian and a little bit of Hindi. Translation is also my profession that I enjoy very much, and not only because I have many friends in America, Russia and India. Being a translator means a lot more than just knowing two or more languages. Usually people think that professional translation is an easy thing, and I thought the same before I started to translate myself. Then I discovered that translation is a very sophisticated process of researching, mental endeavor and finding solutions. Translation is a bit of everything: a writer, a critic, a connoisseur, a professional in a particular field and sometimes even a computer programmer.

Since 1992 I have enjoyed the challenge. For many years I worked in a large publishing company, translating deep philosophical & religious works into Latvian until the market was fully saturated with them. Now I work from home connected to the outside world via a high-speed Internet connection and offer my services as a freelance translator to you. I have worked for the world's top brands and the biggest translation agencies in the world and all my clients have been very satisfied with my work. If you are interested, you can read my resume in pdf format.

My main specialization is Business and Finance, as well as technical manuals, software and scientific texts, including texts connected with Chemistry. All translations are always double checked and proofread. I am easy to contact at any time. Your completed translation will be returned promptly unless Mother nature by means of immense floods or earthquake destroys this and all other alternative means of communications.

Now I also offer Spanish-Latvian translations as Spanish language becomes more and more important in the world. I didn't believe it until I came to the United States where Spanish language has an important role. You are always welcome to contact me with your requests for quotes or any other questions at any time by e-mail kaspar@latvianforyou.com or calling me at +44 075-3575-3131.

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